The Very Thing

Gwenneth Boelens

  • The very thing we don’t know is always trying to expand
    , 2016
    digitized 16mm films, 11 and 14 minutes

    A film installation based on interviews with Erik Verlinde, theoretical physicist, about his yet to be released theory. One of the most remarkable aspects in the study on “dark matter phenomena” as practiced by the protagonist of this film is the sheer invisibility of its subject matter, and the role of imagination in coming to a scientifically sound equation. By layering speech, notation, movement and sound, this film taps into this process in an oblique way.

    Boelens has been intrigued by Verlinde’s process of finding new ways to think about ever challenging topics like gravity, and the 95 per cent of undefined ‘matter’ in the universe, and how these topics resist visibility. Even after years of making calculations and thought, the concrete subject matter seems to deny real access. How can we understand and imagine a theory of everything that surpasses the visible?
Gwenneth Boelens