Gwenneth Boelens – Peering Grasping Longing \ Descent \ Not Known      

These works refer to the advent of photography in the simplest way possible, namely by exposing sensitized chemicals to a beam of light. The imagery ranges from traces of the presence and absence of light to a more concrete motive as the lamp of a lighthouse.


Peering Grasping Longing, 2011

Collodion glass negative (from positive), gelatin-silver contact print on aluminium - both 130(w) x 127(h) cm, metal


Descent, 2011

Gelatin-silver contact print (from collodion glass negative) on aluminium - 89,5(w) x 67(h) cm


Not Known, 2011

Collodion glass negative - 150(w) x 170(h) cm, metal


Left and right: documentation About Painting, abc Berlin


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