Gwenneth Boelens & Helen Grogan – Choreography          

Choreography, 2006-07

20 light copies, total dimensions 2400 x 90 cm (version 2007) or 120 durable ink-jet prints (sizes variable), table, glass, fibre based gelatin silver print 46,5 x 60 cm (version 2006)

1-2: installation views Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, 2007
3-4: photographs

5: installation view Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, 2006


In this work a selection of twenty photographs from Choreography, version 2006 is installed on three walls of a large exhibition space. The sequence of images creates an elongated replica of an empty dance studio, mimicking the architecture of the actual space. By consequence the viewer is located amid the physical exhibition space, as well as this vacant place of activity and spectatorship – the dance studio.
The repeating chairs of the dance studio are raised from both the studio floor, ordinarily creating a context for a seated audience, and the floor of the exhibition space. The viewer’s posture, as spectator, is mirrored en masse in these vacant stalls, re-positioning the viewer as performer within the architectural mechanisms of the dance studio that surrounds them.

In 2006 the collaboration set about developing a choreographic work that did not engage a dancer to perform a choreographic score in front of spectators. In this project the choreography becomes a spatial configuration in which viewing itself manifests. The pathway, including varying gazes and postures, is notated as 60 specific viewpoints in sequence. The viewpoints become guidelines from which a series of photographs can be produced, mapping the pathway and perspective of the body. This process is performed in a dance studio in Melbourne and a photography studio in Amsterdam. The choreographic score is consequently made visible through these 120 photographs. The presentation of this work involves varying sizes and modes of installation. The version documented (image 3-5) also incorporates an additional photograph of the linear pathway of the choreographic score mapped with a line of white tape.


Choreography (2006-07) is the first collaborative work made with Helen Grogan (AU). The second is Occurrence (Rehearsal Space) (2008) and the third is Occurrence Project (2009).

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