Gwenneth Boelens & Helen Grogan – Occurrence (Rehearsal Space)        

Occurrence (Rehearsal Space), 2008

Mirror 30 x 26,5 cm, wood, gelatin silver prints: composite photograph 200 x 250 cm (including fragment 50 x 60 cm on dibond), 120 x 150 cm

Left: installation view Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne

Right: installation views and photograph

Occurrence (Rehearsal Space) is part of a collaborative research into the presence of the body in processes of documenting and viewing, outside of the representational or figurative. The process is steered by an intent to identify and develop modes and devices bound to sensory or kinaesthetic engagement, assessing the conceptual implications of these through documented experimentation and discussion. Direct images of a figure/subject are resisted. Rather, the (potential) performative body inherent in space and spectatorship is pronounced. Existing interiors contain condensed information that imply the presence of persons within them.


Specific considerations of space extend to the exhibition situation itself
– its architectural features, functions and form. Through critically analys-
ing the implications of each element of the work, the room itself and the
viewer, a spatial dramaturgy is developed through which the mechanisms of the work perform. Through the use of multiple images and fragments of images, the authority that may have otherwise been conduced by a single heroic photographic image is deflated. The use of a small mirror, protruding into the viewing space, supports this scenario as the constellation of photographs is ‘framed’ matter-of-factly within it’s actual surrounds. The view within this ‘frame’ provides a momentary document of factual occurrence specific to the presence of each viewer.


Occurrence (Rehearsal Space) is the second collaborative work made with Helen Grogan (AU). The first is Choreography (2006-2007) and the third is Occurrence Project (2009).

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